Meet Peter the Anteater!

Meet Peter the Anteater, celebrity mascot of UC Irvine. Here’s where you’ll learn all about the anteater – his history, his habitat, his habits. Follow Peter’s bristly tail as he trots the globe and beyond. He’s been everywhere – the White House (where he posed with President Bush); the State Capitol Building where he visited Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s office; the College World Series; and even outer space, hitching a ride aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour. Inspired by Johnny Hart’s “B.C.” comic strip, Peter the Anteater remains, if not the most unusual college mascot, at least the one with the longest tongue. Zot!


Mascot Makeovers

No doubt about it: Peter the Anteater is the face of UCI. And what a face it is! Over the years, the mascot's had multiple makeovers, moving from cuddly oversize fur ball to the tough, buff anteater with biceps he is today.

Read more: "The Anteater Mascot" on Anteater Chronicles (maintained by UC Irvine Libraries)

  • 1980

    Peter: 1980
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    Peter: 1985
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    Peter: 1988
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    Peter: 1994
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    Peter: 1995
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    Peter: 1999
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    Peter: 2004
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Connect with Peter

Peter's Stats

Sex: Male


Hometown: Irvine

Stature: A buff 6'9"

Sign: Sagittarius

Education: In college

Spirit, Loyalty, Entertainment, TraditionMinor Myrmecology, or the scientific study of ants

UC Irvine Athletics, Completely Insane Anteaters (more commonly known as CIA), CIA Band, UCI Cheer and Dance Team, Modern CIA dance team, Greeks, Cross-Cultural Center, ASUCI, Residence Housing and all of the other great student clubs at UC Irvine

Empire of the Ants and Antz

UC Irvine sporting events on ESPN, Fox Sports West, CBS College Sports Network, KVMD and Cox3. Also, loves to watch anything on and Animal Planet.

One Hundred Hungry Ants, The 512 Ants on Sullivan Street, Thinking About Ants and The Little Red Ant and the Great Big Crumb.